The Bellino Duo featuring Clara Bellino and Jay Crawford will be 
playing at the Courtyard at Found on April 26th at 4 PM. It's strongly
encouraged you purchase tickets ahead of time as seating is limited.
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Tickets are $10
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Wine and snacks will be available.


One of Clara's goals for 2015 was to find musical partners to perform with. She's thrilled to announce that she has reconnected with the talented Jay Crawford, and they have started rehearsing together! 


Born in 1962 in San Francisco, Jay Crawford started out living in a far-out musical/hippie/free love/drug taking commune known as "The Songs of Champlin". In 1969 his mother met and fell in love with E.C.M. Recording artist "Barre Phillips". Jay his mother and sister left California and joined Barre Phillips back to Europe. He and his family toured all over Europe until 976 when Jay at 13 years old moved back to the U.S.


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It's a new year and we're excited to have new members on our ClaraTone Records Team:

Joey Cox and Erin Johnson!  

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The Leave It To Me project is complete and we TILTED it!! Can you believe it?
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Midweek Bellino Break Episode #13: ClaraTone Records Team!
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This is where my composition world starts #happiness#wbw @ClaraBellino


It has been a great, busy last week traveling and performing around the Los Angeles area. I was surrounded by the supportive, talented community of IMC in Los Angeles, California. Being a panelist for Women in Music and Songwriters for IMC 2013 was wonderful. A big thank you goes out to Nöel Ramos, Barbara Haid, and all involved!

Front left, Director and Founder of
the IMC Noêl Ramos, posing with Songwriting panel: Clara Bellino, Jan Linder-Koda and Debe Gunn, and all attendants. 



 This is a link to "Hand In Hand - The Documentary", with Bobby Sharp, author of "Unchain My Heart":

 In it Bobby talks about some of his Tin Pan Alley experiences and the song he gave me to release which he wrote in 1947. "Hand In Hand" is Bobby's last recording, at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. He was on top of the world happy. We sing the song as a duet, which is only available on the hard copy of the CD @ CDBaby . The piano track you hear on the video is Bobby playing, we sing together at the end of the documentary. Hope you enjoy it, it gets to me every time.

The video is also included on my last release "This Is Happiness - Hand In Hand", an enhanced CD with 3 videos.


R.I.P. Robert Louis Sharp a.k.a Bobby Sharp

November 26, 1924 - January 29, 2013

 It is with great sadness that I share with you that our Bobby is gone: Bobby Sharp, author of Unchain My Heart and many songs, friend extraordinaire, died peacefully January 29 at Kaiser Hospital. He fell last week and did not recover from the complications. Our Bobby is now with the Angels. Rest In Peace Bobby, you are loved.



photos by Kris Mikkelson


Thank you to all who got me to #15 out of 308 to play on the main stage @ #Midem. Today, Jan. 29, is the last day of Midem in Cannes and I am so grateful I got to attend the conference. The music industry is a very interesting place: "All the actors in the ongoing conversation can be found at Midem". It's true: there are artists, producers, promoters, publishers, ad agency reps, managers, countries, brands, attorneys, PROs. It is great that we all get together and discuss what we can all do collectively.



Bobby Sharp with Fantasy Studios Director Jeffrey Wood and Engineer Mixer extraordinaire Adam Muñoz


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On the set of the video for my Single, available on CDBaby: "This Is Happiness".

Click here for Happiness the video


                                   Scott Yanow, jazz historian and journalist:

  "Clara Bellino is a delightful singer/songwriter who has an attractive voice, a way with words, and a knack for writing catchable melodies. Her CD, This Is Happiness – Hand In Hand, is notable in a few ways. Her song “This Is Happiness” is quite infectious and will have listeners singing along. “Hand In Hand” is a previously unrecorded song by the legendary Bobby Sharp (best known for “Unchain My Heart”) that has Clara duetting with the 87-year old songwriter. In addition, the enhanced CD has fun videos of both of the songs plus a documentary that is a discussion with Bobby Sharp about his life.

"Give this CD a listen (and a look) and if you like what you see and hear, tell your readers and listeners. Clara Bellino is a talent well worth discovering."

Scott Yanow


             Greg Hoffman, official Chet Helms biographer:


 “Clara Bellino brings much more than her amazing vocal talent to the stage. She also brings a sparkling personality that wraps her sweetness, vulnerability, humor and sensuousness into one very appealing package. She is, on large stage or small, a complete performer.”

Greg Hoffman





Clara Bellino has the disarming  quality of sounding like no one in particular yet someone distinctly  familiar.  As footloose and fancy-free as contemplation can be, this EP  is not your typical ear candy.  This is more like a shell on Clara  Bellino’s private you playfully put to your ear as you rock  back on your heels, listen and think, “This is Happiness.” 

~ T. L. Murray
Owner, *Jazz-O-Mat Radio

"Clara Bellino has the disarming  quality of sounding like no one in particular yet someone distinctly  familiar. As footloose and fancy-free as contemplation can be, this EP  is not your typical ear candy. This is more like a shell on Clara Bellino's private you playfully put to your ear as you rock back on your heels, listen and think, 'This is Happiness.'